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Keep Your Bathroom Mold-Free

Mold is a nuisance that seems to pop up all the time in houses everywhere. The reason is because mold loves to grow in dark, damp places…like bathrooms. Common causes include leaky pipes and fixtures, improper ventilation, and the presence of damp towels. It looks unpleasant and can also lead to health risks if not taken care of.

Preventing Mold

Of course, the best offense is a good defense. Take these steps to make sure mold doesn’t become a problem in any of your bathrooms.

  • Wash bathroom towels, rugs, and other fabrics on a regular basis.

  • Hang up damp fabrics to dry them more quickly.

  • Use a bathroom ventilation fan when showering or bathing. If your bathroom doesn’t have a fan, consider installing one as soon as you are able.

  • Open a window or leave the door cracked to prevent excess steam from becoming trapped in the bathroom.

  • Use a mildew-resistant shower curtain.

  • Avoid keeping soap, shampoo, and loofahs in the shower so mold can’t grow and hide.

Removing Mold

Sometimes you can do the right things, but mold will still manage to sneak up on you. If you see mold in your bathroom, try these techniques to remove it.

  • If mold has grown on any caulking or sealant, strip it away and replace it as soon as possible.

  • Clean surfaces that were exposed to mold with hydrogen peroxide or bleach

  • Keep doors and windows open during the cleaning process to help dry out the mold and give your bathroom some fresh air.

Keep in mind, if you see or smell mold on your walls, or if there is problem area larger than 10 square feet, it’s probably time to call in a professional. At this level, disturbed mold can be dangerous to breathe and even spread further. Once all of the mold is taken care of, you can finally get started on the bathroom renovation that you’ve been putting off for months now!

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